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Monday, August 12, 2013

Candy Brenn's Build Your Booty Exercises!

I absolutely love my IG #fitfam!  Seriously, you all are so awesome :)  I asked what you would like for me to blog about next and you sure did answer!  The number one request was my workout regimen, specifically, lower body exercises.

Well, let me first begin by saying no exercise regimen will be effective without proper nutrition.  Whatever your goal may be; fat loss, muscle gains, increased endurance and strength... you have to eat according to your goals!

You don't fuel a Ferrari with regular gas do you?  No way Jose!  If you want a premium body and mind you have to consume high quality foods and hit your macro & micro numbers.

This is something I can't stress enough so I highly suggest checking out the numerous articles posted on one of my favorite websites,  They are extremely informative and helpful in determining how to plan your meals in order to achieve your personal fitness goals.

So, first priority is nutrition, then comes training!

I like to switch up my workouts fairly frequently.  I get bored of doing the same exercises just like our muscles do!  It’s important to adjust your weights, repetitions, and number of sets you do.  Therefore, I have composed a list of 10 (actually it's more than 10 because I've incorporated some supersets and tri-sets) of my personal favorite lower body and abdominal exercises that you can use to help sculpt that coveted bikini booty and shredded six-pack ;)

*Note: This is the exact workout I performed on the date listed below*

8/9/2013 – Leg Day (Glutes) & Abs
*Keep core contracted throughout workout!*

Cardio: HIIT
3 minute warm-up: Incline walk
15 second sprint/45 second rest X 3
20 second sprint/40 second rest X 4
15 second sprint/45 second rest X 3
2 minute incline jog
5 minute cool-down
20 minute total

1) Smith Athletic Stance Squats
    Smith Split Squats
2) Cable Kickbacks
3) Cable Crunches
4) Sumo Squats
    Jump Squats
5) Leg Extensions (Drop Set)
    Weighted Lunges
6) Calf Raises: 3 Feet Positions (Drop Set)
7) Single Leg Presses
8) Tri-set
    Stability Ball Crunches
    Stability Ball Bridges
    Stability Ball Roll Ins
9) Roman Chair Hanging Leg Raises
    Weighted Toe Touches

Disclaimer: Always consult a physician prior to performing any workout regimen. :)

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