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Friday, February 27, 2015

Summer Salad

Hello my dears and happy Friday!  Today I would like to share with you a delicious and nutritious recipe I received from my sister's mother-in-law.  The first time I tried this yummy salad I was like OH. MY. GOSH.  It is just THAT good :)  So thank you very much Mrs. Kelderhouse for sharing your recipe with me and the family!

I figured I had to post it when I decided to make a big batch of Summer Salad for my co-workers to serve at our "For the Love of Diversity" Pot Luck Luncheon today.  Technically, we are supposed to, and I quote, "Bring your favorite dish, dessert and/or appetizer, that represents your Heritage or background as we take a trip around the buffet table!!" Well, heritage wise I am mostly German, Swedish, and surprisingly a little bit of Native American, but to be honest I consider myself "American" lol! #Merica! So, since this is a favorite dish of mine that has been introduced into our family, I thought it would be perfect to bring!

Summer Salad

- 2 packages of Publix Coleslaw (Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, and Carrots)
*Jimmie's mother uses freshly chopped cabbage but I took the easy way out haha!*
- 5 large Green Onions, chopped
- 1 package of Ramen Noodles, crushed (I used the chicken flavor)
- 1/2 cup Sunflower Kernals (I used Planters Dry Roasted)
- 1/2 cup Sliced Almonds, toasted

- 1/2 cup Olive Oil (Jimmie's mother uses Peanut Oil)
- 3 tablespoons Pomegrante Red Wine Vinegar (Jimmie's mother uses regular)
- 2 teaspoons Truvia Sweetener (Jimmie's mother uses sugar)
- 1/2 teaspoon Salt
- 1/2 teaspoon Pepper
- Ramen Noodle Flavor Pack

- Preheat oven to 400 F.
- Toast slivered almonds for about 4-5 minutes watching carefully so they do not burn.
- Combine all of the salad ingredients together (cabbage, chopped green onions, crushed Ramen Noodles, sunflower seed kernels, and toasted sliced almonds) in a large bowl.
- Whisk all of the dressing ingredients together (oil, red wine vinegar, sweetener, salt, pepper, and Ramen Noodle flavor pack) in a small bowl or container.
- Pour dressing over salad prior to serving and mix throughout.
- Cover salad and refrigerate until you are ready to serve!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shredded Chicken Tacos

As a follow up to my previous post which I shared my Healthy & EASY Crock Pot Chicken recipe, on Tuesday, my family and I decided to use that same shredded chicken as the base for some yummy tacos!  Arriba Taco Tuesday!!!!

THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS ADD LOW SODIUM TACO SEASONING TO THE CROCK POT CHICKEN!  That's it!  Mrs. Dash even makes a salt free seasoning mix.  And, if you don't care about salt content, use whichever seasoning you please.


Taco topping suggestions:
- Shredded lettuce
- Cabbage
- Fat free cheese
- Greek yogurt
- Diced tomatoes
- Chopped peppers
- Avocado
- Salsa
- Low sodium beans

As for the actual taco shell, I prefer soft wraps.  Now-a-days there are soooo many healthy options you can choose from.  Whether you're on a diet or not, low-carb, or even gluten-free YOU CAN HAVE TACOS!

Personally, these are the ones I normally use.  You can find them at your local Publix grocery store.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Healthy & EASY Crock Pot Chicken

Wow!  My oh my has it been a LONG time since I have posted a recipe.  Too long in fact!  I have just been incredibly busy.  My priorities have been with God, my family (my sister is expecting her first child and very soon I shall be AUNTIE Candy!!!), my amazing friends, my wonderful boyfriend, my new job that I am loving, I moved, I had surgery... so much has happened!  I feel great though, I recently had my blood work done and I am indeed very healthy inside & out which makes me feel like I am on cloud 9!  It has taken a long time to feel such joy and contentment and I am just so happy to be where I am at today :)

Anyways, you're not here to read about my life.  I know you want this super easy, healthy, and of course, delicious slow cooker chicken recipe!  Just a quick background explanation about it though :)  I have always either baked or grilled my chicken breasts in preparation for meals throughout the week.  Recently, since I have been so short on time, I have begun to utilize my crock pot more and more!  And boy am I glad I did.  This is by far the most convenient way I have ever cooked my chicken breasts, so I figured I would share it with you.  It's perfect for anyone!  If you're on competition prep, you're single, married, a busy mother or father with kids, this is just GREAT!

As I've stated before in previous posts, I usually buy my chicken breasts in bulk and cook them all at once so I have protein ready to grab and go at any time.

Healthy & EASY Crock Pot Chicken

- 4 lbs of Chicken Breast (You can always cook less if you don't want to make a huge batch)
- 1 to 2 cups of Low Sodium Chicken Broth (Enough to almost cover the chicken)
- Herbs & Seasonings You Like! (I usually use Mrs. Dash)

- Place fresh, unfrozen all natural Chicken Breasts in your crock pot.
- Season to taste.
- Pour Low Sodium Chicken Broth over the Chicken Breasts.
- Cover.
- Cook on Low for 6 hours.
- Use two forks to pull apart the Chicken Breasts.  It will practically fall apart because it is so moist and tender.

Place chicken in a covered container and use in any recipes throughout the week that call for shredded chicken!

Recipe Examples:
- Shredded chicken salad.
- Shredded chicken tacos.
- Pulled chicken sandwiches.
- BBQ pulled chicken and veggies.
- Pulled chicken pizza.
- Chicken quesadillas.
- Pulled chicken pitas.
- Shredded buffalo chicken sliders.
- Slow cooker chicken nachos.

I mean really, the list is ENDLESS!  You can make this for yourself, your spouse, kids, friends, parties, office potlucks, etc.  It's just really super easy shredded chicken!