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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gluten & Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

I find it only appropriate that my first post in quite sometime be protein pancakes since I do have a slight obsession with pancakes :) Made these bad boys with just a few ingredients and they turned out moist and delicious!!!  

The nutrition on these are awesometastic! 30g of protein and 25g of carbohydrates with 6g of fiber.  Also a great source of potassium because we used a fresh banana!  Under 300 calories breakfast, lunch, or even dinner if you are like me and eat pancakes any time of day.


- 1 scoop VPX Sports SRO Zero Carb Whey Protein (I used chocolate but they also have Vanilla, and a yummy Graham Cracker flavor you could use!)  If you can't find VPX Sports protein powder at your local nutrition shop you can purchase it online at and use my code: CANDY20 for 20% off and free shipping!
- 1 Tbsp Organic Coconut Flour
- 1 Tbsp Chocolate PB2 (this is cocoa powdered peanut butter which is amazing)
- 1 Large Brown Organic Egg
- 75g Organic Banana (half is used in the batter, the other half is used as a topping)
- 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
- 1/4 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
- 1/8 tsp Gluten Free Baking Powder (Clabber Girl)
- Dash of Cinnamon (cause I put cinnamon in almost everything haha!)

- Blend all the ingredients in a blender (I use my Magic Bullet) except for half of the banana because you will use that as a filler and topping!
- Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray and heat on Low.
- Pour batter on to pan and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.
*Tip* When your pancakes begin to bubble, that is a good indicator they are ready to flip!
- Slice remaining banana and layer between protein pancakes.

I like to finish off my pancakes with sugar free pancake syrup such at Walden Farms or Maple Grove Farms.  You can do the same or top with fruit and/or peanut butter! #IIFYM


Nutritional Information:
280 calories, 7g fat, 251g sodium, 512g potassium
25g carbohydrates (6g fiber, 11g sugar), 30g protein


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