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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bikini Competition Checklist

Hi fit fam!  Sorry I haven't updated my blog recently, I have been so focused on preparing for my competition I have had such little spare time!  I'm just 2 days out from my first show of the year and my third one to date, the 2013 NPC Diamond Classic!  I'm very excited because this was the first show I ever competed in and I can't wait to step back on stage.  I'm feeling confident about where my body is at, my goal was to gain some good quality muscle and come in a little leaner this time around and I believe I have achieved that!

Any who, I was just sitting here racking my brain, putting together a long list of the numerous things I will need to have with me on my big day.  Then I thought, hey, why don't I share it with my fellow fitties.  So here ya go :)

Candy's Bikini Competition Checklist
  1. Competition Swimwear - Clearly the most important item to bring with you!  Competition swimwear is all about glitz and glam.  Most girls get their bikinis custom made so it fits absolutely perfectly.  I have my suits designed by Ravish Sands (click for a link to their website).  But, custom suits can be quite pricey.  Show stopping swimwear can range anywhere from $150-$600 depending on the fabric, connectors, and the amount of rhinestones you choose (You can refer to my past article about the cost of competing).  In addition, I always bring a "backup" swimsuit just in case!  What happens if a connector breaks or your spray tan ruins your suit?  You can't waltz out on the stage naked for Pete's sake!  Lol!  It's always good to have a plan B ;)
  2. Competition Shoes - Or as I like to call them "stripper shoes" haha!  They are clear heels which are no more than 5 inches high, some prefer an ankle strap (I do) and others choose to wear strapless.  These are the standard shoes for bikini competitors.  Make sure you practice, practice, practice your walking and posing in your shoes beforehand!
  3. Competition Jewelry - Like you don't have enough bling already, let's add some more! It's safe to say that every single bikini competitor wears some sort of jewelry to complete their total package.  Whether it be earrings, bracelets, rings, or all of the above, bikini competitions are very showy so the more sparkle and shine the better, just make sure it's not so big and bulky that it is distracting from your physique which should always be the main focus.
  4. Beauty Products - As the song goes... "Nails done, hair done, everything did!"  You want to be fancy hun! LOL (that's my little remix).  I prefer to get my hair and makeup done professionally for shows because for me, that is just one less thing I will have to do or stress about.  I always get my makeup done by MUA Katie Levine (click to view her portfolio) we chat and I can just sit back and relax!  But, not everyone feels the same and would rather do it themselves.  If that is the case for you, then I highly recommend you PRACTICE your STAGE makeup ahead of time.  Remember: Stage makeup is completely different from every day makeup or even what you wear to go out.  You will be tan, REALLY TAN, like an oompa loompa.  No, really.  So, you will have to purchase very dark foundation in order to match your spray tan. Don't forget to bring your makeup bag along for any touch ups.  Also, a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener if needed.  Various items such as a mirror, q-tips, hair spray, false lashes, press on nails, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, make up remover, towels, a small sewing kit, scissors, hair bands, bobby pins, and safety pins are also great to have on hand!
  5. Tanning Products - I always use Pro Tan Competition Tanner (click for a link to their website).  I recommend purchasing their bikini ready package so you will have all the products you need for flawless competition color.  This includes Bikini Bite which makes sure your suit stays in place while you are walking and posing and Muscle Sheen which accentuates your muscle tone on stage.  Don't forget to bring these along with their applicators to the show!
  6. Comfy Clothes - Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes (I suggest a robe or a jump suit) so you have less of a chance of your tanner rubbing off or your hair and makeup getting messed up.  Also, make sure you have a pair of flip flops or even slippers to lounge around in backstage because you sure don't want to be in heels all day.  If you are planning to go out after the competition to celebrate, pack a cute outfit for that as well.
  7. FOOD & Water - You're going to need to eat of course!  So, make sure you have your meals packed and ready to go the night prior.  I always like to carry my pink 6 Pack Bag with me where ever I go so I never miss a meal!  Typical backstage snacks are rice cakes and all natural nut butters.  Yum!
  8. Reading Material and/or Music - It's smart to bring a book, magazine, or your IPod (don't forget the charger) to help you relax or get in the zone.
  9. Camera - Most people use their phone now a days (again, remember your charger) but it's nice to have a camera to document your experience!  Beat backstage boredom by socializing with the other competitors and take plenty of pictures.  Don't be anti-social and have an "in it to win it" attitude because that's just no fun!
  10. Wallet - Don't forget to bring some extra cash, business cards, your membership card, the contest entry form, and of course your ID.
  11. Exercise Bands - Don't assume they will provide weights backstage to pump up with, bring some bands to get your pump on.

    I really hope this list helps you prepare for your big day!  I'm so excited for mine!!!  Don't forget to invite your family and friends to come cheer you on and see you shine.  If you happen to think of any other necessities that I may have forgotten feel free to let me know so I can share them with others.  

    Remember, it's all about being the best YOU that you can be!   We all should empower and support each other to be healthy and live a fit life :)
    Good luck & God bless! <3


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